Spring Classes

Monthly psychic classes at Moonrise Herbs

6:30pm-8:30pm $30 per class Register at 822-5296

You are welcome to attend individual classes

or the whole series!

Tue Jan 17               Exploring the Chakras through Spiritual Art

Through guided visualizations, discussion, and art activities we will explore the major chakras and their effect on our lives.

Tue Feb 21                Energy Work: The Basics

We will learn the basics of working with energy including grounding, sensing, protection, and clearing using guided visualization.

Tue Mar 21            Healing with Color

Through a combination of discussion, hands on activities and guided visualization we will experience how light energy can heal.

Wed Apr 19            Layers of the Aura

Discover the beauty and information available in the layers of the aura through visualization, art and energy reading activities.

Wed May 17         Psychic Reading Experience

As a group, and in pairs, we will practice chakra and aura reading and discuss what we discover.

Carole Wolfe is a local Clairvoyant Medium and offers personal readings and healing work by appointment. Please visit her website at www.windspiritpathways.com

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