A Windspirit Pathways intuitive reading/energy healing session begins with an invitation to our angels, and guides to provide support and guidance. After asking permission from your higher self, Carole tunes into your energy field and shares what she is seeing. You may ask specific questions or explore general areas of your life. Each appointment is tailored to your individual needs, and may include the following:

Intuitive Guidance

(Relationships, Career, Life concerns)

Spirit Connections

(Connect with people or companion animals who have passed)

Aura and Chakra Healing

(Energy work, Color healing, Reiki)

Companion Animals

(Connect with your companion animals here or in spirit)


45 minute session $90

20 minute session $40

Please call or email to schedule a session.

(Ask about sliding scale)

Gift Certificates Available!


[email protected]

Mailing Address: PO Box 414 Bayside CA 95524